Established in 1967, we have been fortunate to be led by Mr. Raju Venkateshwar, a visionary US trained chemical engineer and pioneer in flowmeter manufacture in India. His extensive research based support and guidance in our laboratory-cum-workshop has enabled us to develop world class variable area flowmeters, better known as rotameters for several industries. We are delighted to state that all the anaesthetic machine manufacturers in India, including ISO certified such as ESAB (ISO 9001/14001) and Datex Ohmeda as well as small scale units obtain the rotameters from us. We have also developed a range of rotameter types for clients like the Telecom Research Center, Bhabha Atomic Research Center and Nuclear Power Corporation. Apart from this, our export markets are spread in countries like Turkey, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Spain, Japan, and Belgium.

Product Range

CM Rotameters are invaluable in all the situations where the rate of flow of liquid or gas inside a pipeline or tubing is to be measured with a high degree of accuracy. Our flowmeters conform to Indian Standards specifications for Continuous Flow Inhalation Anaesthetic Apparatus (Anaesthetic Machines) for use with humans, i.e. ISO 5358-1980. For our industrial flowmeters, the specifications range from 100 cc per hour (in terms of water) used in scientific laboratories to 25 cubic meters per hour (in terms of water) used in large chemical industrial plants. We are currently developing flowmeters for use in oxygen machines,Industrial Rotameters, Industrial Vertical Rotameters involving flow of 0.5 to 5.0 litres per minute. Thus, we take the privilege of declaring ourselves as an ambitious company, engaged as the manufacturer, exporter of:

  • Anaesthetic Rotameters
  • BPC Rotameters
  • Anaesthetic Roatameters with Hypoxia devices
  • Rotameters Tubes
  • Variable Area Rotameters.

Our Infrastructure

Our company has its own office-cum-factory premises in the Kasba Industrial Estate in Kolkata. Apart from appropriate selection of location, we are backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure, comprising of qualified professionals and ultra-modern equipments. Our workforce is a small band of skilled and motivated workmen, intensively trained in the manufacturing process. We are also privileged with advanced machinery delivering high productivity. These measures result in unmarred products with a distinct class of their own.

Quality.....No Compromise

Our mantra is to win the hearts of our customers with impeccable quality products. For this purpose, we possess a brilliant team of professionals with thorough knowledge of quality control measures. They observe stringent quality checks at every level, right from the initial level of manufacturing stage till the final attainment of unrivaled products. We have received the certificate of Honour from STQC Certification Services Department of Information Technology, Government of India, Electronics Niketan, for Design Manufacture and Sale of Industrial Scientific and Medical Rotameters (Variable Area Flowmeters).

Our Excellence

  • Safe packaging in a sturdy container
  • Competitive and reasonable price range
  • Provision of fully assembled instruments
  • Delivery within stipulated time period; ranging from 2-4 weeks
  • Warranty of twelve months from the date of supply, provided the instrument is used in the right manner.

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